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Eucalyptus Gunnii


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Eucalyptus Gunnii Seeds

Eucalyptus gunnii (Cider Gum or Gunnii) is a species of Eucalyptus endemic to Tasmania, occurring on the plains and slopes of the central plateaux to around 1100 metres, with isolated occurrences south of Hobart.

It is a small to medium sized evergreen tree. Older specimens have a short, massive bole and large, spreading branches. The bark is often persistent for several metres as a thin, grey stocking, or shedding all over to leave a smooth, yellowish, patchy surface, weathering to white-, green- or pink-grey. Leaves are stalked, elliptical to ovate, to 8 cm long and 3 cm broad, concolorous, grey-green & thick. White flowers are produced in mid summer.

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