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Terms of sale

    The provisions of our terms are part of our offers or any agreement of sale. The buyer is supposed to have read and have accepted all the terms, except as expressly provided.

  • Orders will be executed as far as possible. In the event of crop failure or no atmospheric disturbances caused by cultivation or accidents of any kind, a partial or total reduction will be applied to the order. Deliveries will be made based on the supply and availability. No compensation may be claimed accordingly.

  • Orders will be executed except in cases of force majeure. Are considered as force majeure, for example not limited to: acts of war, strikes, accidents and fires in all companies involved in the production and distribution of seeds, atmospheric disturbances and accidents of culture through changes in the quality of products sold.

  • To the fullest extent possible, we make our deliveries on the dates requested by our clients. However, any delay is not subject to any compensation because of the hazards of all kinds may occur (transport, strikes, supplies). We recommend our customers to give their exact shipping instructions. We are not responsible if errors occur due to lack of information. Our goods are carefully considered before packing and delivery in perfect condition for transportation companies. All orders delivered to a carrier or the Post Office is considered delivered to the customer.

  • Whatever the reason, we do not accept any returns without prior approval from us. In all cases, the goods are returned carriage paid.

  • The seller retains title to the goods delivered until full payment. In this respect, does not constitute payment within the meaning of this provision, delivery or trafficking of any instrument creating an obligation to pay.

    The buyer is entitled, as part of the normal operation of its establishment, to resell the goods delivered, but it can not pledge or transfer the property as security. In case of resale, it gives the seller and all claims arising for the benefit of the resale to third party purchaser.

    The authorization of resale is removed automatically when insolvency. In case of seizure, or other third party intervention, the buyer shall immediately notify the seller.

    Despite the application of this reservation of ownership, the buyer shall bear the burden of risk for loss or destruction upon delivery of goods. It will also support the charges of insurance.

  • Conditions: Our invoices are payable in cash at our head.

    In case of non-payment when due, they will automatically and without notice interest at 10% per annum. In addition, they will be increased automatically and without notice of a percentage of 15% as a lump sum, without prejudice to the actual harm suffered and without that amount being less than 100 euros.

    Disputes: In case of dispute as part of our delivery, our client is obliged to pay the amount due for goods not being challenged. Non-payment: In case of non-payment within the period specified in the order, it is expressly agreed that: - To accelerate the maturity plays automatically without any need for any formalities. - The fees based on an interest of 1.50% per month of delay. This rate is subject to change depending on changes in the rate of wear. - Recovery litigation: the use of litigation to achieve the recovery of sums due will result in payment by the debtor in damages to cover the costs of actions taken.

  • Our warranties apply only to the quality of seeds supplied by us, but obviously can not extend to the success of seedlings in the ground, which depends on factors outside the very qualities of the seeds.

    Under no circumstances, a claim may not exceed the amount charged, this provision is for us a full and final discharge.

    No liability can also be taken against the phenomena of hybridization, so frequently unpredictable despite all the care brought to the selection of stands. Advice, suggestions, and early growing cycles are proposed only. They can neither provide contractual commitments or have a guarantee of results. Any customer who interested, can do so, at its expense, against a control analysis by a station of their choice. In this case, the sample collection must be made at customer's expense, upon receipt of the goods by a representative of official control.

  • All claims on the appearance and purity shall be made within 10 days after the arrival of the goods. All claims on the germination must be made within 20 days after the arrival of the goods. All claims on authenticity, varietal purity, must be made within the normal period of seedlings and control immediately following the date of delivery.

  • In the absence of arbitrage, any difficulties or disputes will be decided by the courts of the domicile of the seller, exclusive jurisdiction, even in summary proceedings, appeal or multiple defendants, the present jurisdiction clause is only valid notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary would be contained on the invoices or documents of the customer.