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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I order?
  • We use a 'cart' system on our website, therefore allowing you to surf our site by putting articles or by changing the amount already added.
    Once complete your shopping, simply click on 'order now' present in the left column and you will go immediately to the summary and the payment form.

  • What are the available payment methods
  • We accept payment by credit card, by Paypal or by bank transfer (national or international).

  • Pay by credit card is safe?
  • Just go through a platform and secure payment approved.
    When you purchase from our website, payment for your order is made entirely through PayPlug's secure payment solution.
    When paying by credit card, you are redirected to PayPlug's secure site which guarantees maximum security and total confidentiality of your personal data.

  • Do you send the seeds everywhere around the world?
  • Yes absolutely everywhere.
    You can get more information under 'Shipping' menu on your left.

  • I'd like to make a wholesale purchase
  • It's also possible.
    Whether you are an individual or a professional with a VAT number, we can provide you with large amounts and very quickly the seeds requested and whether the varieties on our site or not.
    If you want more information, just contact us!

  • I want some specific seeds that are not on your site
  • It's possible.
    We have a wide catalog of seeds from our suppliers.
    Whatever variety you want, please contact us via the form provided for that purpose and we will respond very quickly to give you the availability of the products required.