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Bauhinia monandra

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Bauhinia monandra Seeds

Bauhinia monandra, the Pink Orchid Tree or also called the Butterfly Flower, is a tropical shrub or small tree growing up to a height of 20 feet with a spreading habit. It may be grown indoors with warmth and bright light and kept pruned to a small size. It is fast growing. A native of Burma and naturalized in tropical America.

Small, rounded-crowned tree with smooth gray bark. Leaves are 4 to 6 inches across and cleft almost to the middle, giving the leaf the shape of a hoof print. Their characteristic twin lobed leaves give them a definite tropical look.

This very rare variety develops pink orchid-like flowers with red blotches or dots, the uppermost one splotched with deeper red, yellow or yellow-margined. The petals are spreading, each about 2.5 - 4 cm long. Blooms in Winter to early Spring. The flowers ares followed by pods maturing in the Fall. Seeds are in pea-like pods, which may be 6 inches to 1 foot long.

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