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Heliconia Latispatha

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Heliconia Latispatha Seeds

Heliconia latispatha originates in Central America. This is the one for a pot, as it does not grow too tall. It is a small Heliconia, reaching about 3-4 feet in height. Can be grown as houseplant or greenhouse specimen.

This short variety produces 4 to 7 colorful upright bracts 'lobster claw', usually bright red with some yellow and green. The inflorescenes are upright and are usually produced above the leaves and grow about 12 to 20' high. The flowers are yellow with a green tip. Very attractive with broad Banana type leathery leaves. The foliage has a maroon stripe down the underside and along the edge.

The Heliconia's bracts are so large and colorful that they almost hide the flowers altogether, which are tiny and are found inside these bracts. Will bloom in a pot. But to flower in its second or third year you would need to keep the plant warm enough during Winter to prevent the top growth dying back to the rhizomes. The plant would regenerate itself the next Spring, because the tuber would have survived. Blooms from May through August. If in reasonable conditions, it blooms all year.

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