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Adansonia Digitata

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Adansonia Digitata Seeds

Adansonia digitata is probably the best know African tree. Most of the species are found on Madagascar but the genus also occurs in Australia. The Adansonia species are generally easy to grow in pots as indoor bonsai. Baobab trees can live for thousands of years. Baobabs can grow to a moderate height of about 20 meters, but their most impressive feature is the huge, broad trunk which can reach over 30 meters in diameter. It can grow to a very large size, with a very thick trunk and short branches. Root of the Adansonia develops like a bulb, first going down in depth and then growing in width.

Hence it requires a quite deep pot. The baobab is also the only tree able to regenerate bark directly from an exposed wood surface. The trunks store considerable water.
At Fall, the leaves will slowly begin to fall and at the end of December your Baobab will be completely dormant. It has large pendulous white flowers.

The fruit is mostly ovoid, with a hard woody shell and covered with short yellowish hair.

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