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Juniperus Sabina

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Juniperus Sabina Seeds

The Savin Juniper, Juniperus sabina is an ornamental evergreen sprawling shrub that can reach a height of 4 feet and attain a spread of up to 8 feet, in nature. It makes a great bonsai. It is widely distributed on poor or rocky soils throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

The tree has an irregular stem. Branches are round, tough, with a reddish-brown bark. Leaves are 4-ranked, dark green and dense. All parts of the plant have a powerful smell.

It is in leaf all year, in flower in April, and the seeds ripen in October. The scented flowers are dioecious, individual flowers are either male or female, but only one sex is to be found on any one plant so both male and female plants must be grown if seed is required. Pollinated by Wind.

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