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Datura Meteloides

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Datura Meteloides Seeds

Datura meteloides also named Datura innoxia and Sacred Datura is perfect for growing in containers, on patios or sheltered corners close to the house where the evening perfume can be appreciated. In the garden, this large, shrub-like, plant grows 3-4 feet high and just as broad. It is found in all the major deserts of the American Southwest. Normally treated as an annual, the plant can be over-wintered in a greenhouse environment. It was one of the plants of the Gods among the Aztecs.

Datura meteloides developes huge, and heavily fragrant pure white trumpet flowers, with a soft lavender picotee edge, 6-8 inches across, hanging from tree-like plants. They are pleasantly fragrant and form all Summer, it will bloom from nightfall until the sun hits its flower in the morning.

The leaves are heart-shaped, dark grayish-green and up to 6-10'' long and 4'' wide. The flowers are followed by the spiny seedpods, which give the plant its common name Thornapple. The fruits are spiny, round capsules, containing hundreds of seeds. Remove seedpods regularly to encourage further blooms. All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

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