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Digitalis Mertonensis

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Digitalis Mertonensis Seeds

Digitalis mertonensis, the Strawberry Foxglove, is one of the best vertical accents for a shade garden. Digitalis mertonensis is the result of a cross between Digitalis purpurea and Digitalis grandiflora. Plants typically live for 2-3 years and height 3-5 feet tall, and is native to Europe.

The flowers are very attractive and are strawberry rose in colour. Its tubular flowers grow up to 2.5 inches across. They are produced in long, erect spikes from late Spring to early Summer. Digitalis mertonensis forms large rosettes of velvety, green, oblong leaves that make this plant attractive even when not in bloom. Leaves are produced in the first year and the tall spikes of flowers the second year.

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