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Iris Laevigata

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Iris Laevigata Seeds

Iris laevigata, also named, the Japanese Water Iris and Kakitsubata, is native to Japan, Korea and China, and is growing in swampy places. It is a water-loving evergreen Iris is growing to 30 inches high.

The flowers are consisting of 3 sepals and 3 petals. Flowers are a rich blue, always erect; falls with a white midstripe. Unbranched stems bear 2 to 4 flowers. Best planted well before Spring to ensure it flowers, Laevigata likes to have a well formed set of roots developed before showing of the spectacular, but brief flowers for a week or two late in the Spring.

The leaves are broad and green. The plant spreads by means of its modified stems, rhizomes, which are located below the soil surface.

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